2021 Creation - Under a Tent

It's the story of 5 brothers who already know each other… But they meet for the very first time !


A car, a Fiant Panda to be accurate. 5 men and half.


They don't have a lot in common, but one particular thing unites them. It's not their birth place, or their job. Neither their favourite colour nor what they ate the day before, nor their interests, nor their mother. What binds them is their father.


Indeed, they are 5 brothers, but don't share the same mother. Actually, only Simon & Simon know each other. Not so surprising since they are twins.

The father is in the car too, travelling in an urn.


That's the reason for their trip. They come straight from the crematorium, with daddy freshly burnt and put in a box.

bonhommes pandax.png

Why the tent ?


The tent is an aesthetic, scenographic and artistic object as a whole. It's a dream carrier and its presence is a powerful act. Setting down with a tent in the heart of the city allows to put forward an artistic stand in a territory. A stand that allows to take the time to build and live projects. A stand that eases meetings with locals.


The tent for its circular stage. For its relationship and proximity with the audience. To be as close as possible to the sensations transmitted and emitted. The tent is a vector of emotion in itself, which takes on its full dimension when it is inhabited by artists and the audience.


 It is also a way for Cirque la Compagnie to have the workspace that perfectly matches it. Which meets the technical requirements that circus disciplines demand. And which also forces a unique way of life: roaming, with the collective work it implies.


 The place of the circus tradition is important for Cirque la Compagnie. The big top represents a part of the history of the circus and remains a very representative element of this art. We are a so-called “new circus” company and our shows offer modern forms of performance. We want to participate in placing the big top and the circus in the present and the future.


 We wish to defend the presence of tents in the heart of the public space. This approach feels very important to us in a moribund social and political context.

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Circus Artists

Zackary Arnaud

Baptise Clerc

Boris Fodella

Charlie Mach

Nicolas Provot



To be determined


Nicole Lagarde

Cirque la compagnie



Theatrical Coach

Nicole Lagarde


Sound / Composer

To be determined


Clément Fodella



To be determined


General Rigger

Nancy Drollet

Acrobatic Coach

André st jean

Nicolas Germaine


Voice Coach

To be determined



Cirque la Compagnie

Emile Sabord Production



ARCHAOS PNC, Marseille

Pôle Art de la Scène, Marseille

Théâtre de Grasse

La Cascade PNC, Bourg Saint Andéol

Cité du Cirque pour le Pôle Régional Cirque Le Mans

Réseau Grand Ciel - Transversales Verdun


Donateurs du Théâtre Firmin Gémier/La Piscine PNC Chatenay-Malabry

LE PÔLE - scène conventionnée d’intérêt national - La Saison Cirque Méditerranée

Carré Magique PNC, Lannion

Les Transversales, scène conventionnée cirque, Verdun

Support / Residency

ARCHAOS PNC, Marseille

Le Pôle, scène conventionnée d'intérêt national, Le Revest-Les-Eaux


Théâtre Firmin Gémier/La Piscine PNC Chatenay-Malabry

Cirk'Eole Montigny les Metz

Piste d’Azur Centre Régional des arts du cirque, La Roquette/Siagne

Canton du Jura Suisse (CH)

Ville de Delémont (CH)

Circosphère Centre des arts du cirque de Delémont, Jura / Suisse

Centre Culturel Les Salorges – Noirmoutier-en-l'Île

Cité des arts de la rue / Archaos - Marseille

Production Schedule


January / February > Music Labs



17 November to 13 December >  Residency for technical implantation Le Pôle - conventioned stage of national interest, Le Revest Les Eaux


1 to 20 February > Creation residency

Cité des arts de la rue / ARCHAOS, Marseille


3 to 31 March > Creation residency

CIRCA – Auch


2 April to 1 may > Creation residency

City of Delémont - Canton of Jura Suisse (CH)


2 to 23 May > Creation residency

Circus space of ​​the Firmin Gémier / La Piscine - Antony 

24 May to 6 June > Creation residency

Cirk'Eole - Montigny les Metz

10, 11, 12 June > Première

Les Transversales - Verdun 

Provisional tour

18 to 27 june > Festival Le Mans fait son Cirque - Le Mans (72)

9 to 14 july > Festival d'Alba – Alba la Romaine (07)

12 to 22 august > Festival Letni Letna – Pragues (CZ) - Option 

17 to 19 september > Pont Audemer (27) 

16 to 24 october > Festival CIRCA – PNC Auch (32) - Option 

24 november to 18 december > Winterfest – Salzbourg (AUT) - Option 

24 to 31 december > Festival Tutti Matti Sotto Zero – Parme (IT) - Option 


January > L’Entre-Deux Biennale - Vitrolles - Option
April > Theater of St-Dié-des-Vosges & Pisteurs d’Etoiles - Obernai - Option
May > Le Carré Magique - Lannion &  Théâtre de Grasse - Option


January > Biennale des Arts du Cirque - Marseille - Option

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