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Not touring anymore

« They say there is no way of knowing if everything I've told you is true ». 


"L’avis bidon - Face B" is a 2nd creation or rather ... a re-creation. This show results directly from "L’avis bidon - Face A" (outdoor version).

With humor and derision ... In a physical and verbal commitment, bodies and words in fusion, the artists dissect human relationships and the world in which they evolve.

"L’avis bidon - Face B" focuses on overinformation; this information that goes fast, too fast, and that quickly gives way to all prejudices.

Their goal is to give a lucid look at their understanding of the world. Nevertheless we must not forget that the 4 Circassians are there to make you laugh and vibrate!

These four young people like to laugh of life, laugh of this opaque life. They like to share their humor and circus allows them to find the best way to convey their emotions.

Teeterboard, Chinese pole, ditties, acrobatics …

throwing knives gives us chills 

and cans call for aerobatics!


If the technique is breathtaking, humor, skillfully distilled, allows a relaxed approach. This duo of emotions creates a tonic and crisp show ...


It moves and jumps in all directions. It flutters and it carbides with pure adrenaline!


The show was born on December 1st, 2017 at Scene 55 of Mougins (06).


"L'Avis bidon face b"

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