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"L'Avis bidon face a"

Everything is starting or it has already, we don’t know for sure, but it's active on the stage.

« Stay put ! … 5 min ! … 5 min !! "

Towers and barrels set the scene: sometimes acrobatic elements, sometimes a singing pedestal. The 4 boys play their distress in front of the world.In this show, the expression is as much physical as verbal.


They run and jump every where around us. It's full of pure adrenaline. 


Through teeterboard, songs, free ladder, Chinese pole, knives throwing, text, and acrobatics on barrels; our 4 acrobats bring us in the heart of their colorful family relationship and open the doors of their musical universe.

This kind of circus is very close with the audience : casual looks, the four accomplices share prowess and offbeat humor. Masters of their bodies and the risks they make them take, Zackary, Baptiste, Charlie and Boris jump, always trying to get higher and twist faster for tricks that require pin-poiny accuracy. 


"L’avis bidon - Face A" gives a message of friendship and optimism.


The show was born for its premiere on June 30, 2017, at “Vivacité” in Souteville-lès-Rouen. He was presented at various festivals where he were particularly noted for his creativity and technical virtuosity.

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